Release Notes

MOMO 2.1
New Features
  • Statistical analysis of microbiological data
  • Frequency distribution based on selected criteria (e.g., How often was this pathogen present in my ward last month?)
  • Adjustable report tables
  • Easy configuration: Use and adjust existing FlexScan or define new query
  • Shortcut button for quick spectrum with every FlexScan result
  • Clear graphical overview of resistance situation
  • Based on the S-I-R model
  • Relevant resistance situation for every pathogen shown in your spectrum result
  • One-click access to resistance display in every spectrum result table
  • Clostridium difficile test results now included in MOMO
  • New option available: Include non-verified or partly verified test results in your analysis
  • Regular maintenance and constant expansion of MOMO’s pathogen thesaurus and other thesauri (antimicrobial agents, material/fluids, departments)
MOMO 1.8
  • New import mechanism for MOLIS
  • Improved FlexScan mechanism
  • Bug fixes


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