Core competence

Our core competence and expertise are focused on solving methodological and practical questions related to the representation and processing of clinical knowledge. These efforts culminate in the creation of highly structured digitalized clinical knowledge. This is accomplished through the application of various formal methods from the fields of medical expert and knowledge-based systems, fuzzy set theory and logic, artificial intelligence approaches, and the deep understanding of clinical work processes.

We have extensive experience in the application of such systems in hospitals, wards, laboratories, outpatient departments, and physicians' offices, as well as their integration into existing clinical information systems and the Web. Particularly in this field, we use Arden Syntax software—a software for representation and processing of clinical knowledge—and its extension Fuzzy Arden Syntax, including powerful concepts of fuzziness, uncertainty, and incompleteness.

This software allows to transfer small pieces or larger portions of clinical knowledge such as formulas, rules, tables, decision trees, pathways, standard operating procedures, guidelines, or whole solutions for parts of clinical decision processes into programmable medical logic modules (MLMs) or packages of MLMs, so-called medical knowledge packages (MKPs).

Innovation management

Technically, clinical knowledge processing is performed by software systems that provide recommendations on the basis of digitalized knowledge stored in clinical knowledge bases and the patient's current clinical data collected in the respective clinical information systems or transferred through the World Wide Web. By incorporating service-oriented software engineering approaches, the software systems can be used both as stand-alone applications and as service provider for external applications.

Our R&D activities are managed by our CEO and Scientific Head Professor Klaus-Peter Adlassnig, PhD, MS, FACMI. In addition to his position at Medexter Healthcare, Professor Adlassnig is the head of the Section for Medical Expert and Knowledge-Based Systems, Center for Medical Statistics, Informatics, and Intelligent Systems at the Medical University of Vienna, Austria, as well as Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. An extended Clinical Advisory Board comprises highly-experienced clinicians from different areas of medicine who closely monitor and advise our business development.

Partnerships with leading medical specialists

Medexter's R&D strategy is focused on cooperating with leading medical specialists and researchers. The long-term success in the market is mainly due to the fact that we use cutting-edge findings of medical research and apply evidence-based medical knowledge coming from broad clinical experience.

As a cooperative partner of the Medical University of Vienna and the Vienna General Hospital in Austria and further leading institutions worldwide, we intend to proactively shape the quality, safety, and cost management of healthcare systems by implementing our high-tech clinical software solutions and our innovative business model. By using these solutions, benefit is provided for all participants in the healthcare processes: patients, physicians, nurses, and allied healthcare personnel, providers of healthcare information technology, and—last but not least—the administrative and financing healthcare bodies.



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