Clinical Decision Support Seminar, Sheffield (November 2, 2011)—At the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering, University of Sheffield, UK, our CEO and Scientific Head gave a seminar on "Clinical Decision Support Systems—From Research to Routine". The successful interaction of formal methodologies, clinical usability, and technical scalability of the developed clinical decision support systems strongly appealed to the audience.

Invited Talk at the Annual HL7 and IHE Meeting, Göttingen (October 27, 2011)—At the Annual Meeting of the Health Level Seven (HL7) and IHE organizations of Germany that took place in Göttingen/Germany, our CEO and Scientific Head, Professor Klaus-Peter Adlassnig, gave an invited talk on "Arden Syntax: Knowledge Representation and Processing in Medicine".

22nd Annual ESTAIC Meeting, Erlangen (October 13, 2011)—At the 22nd Annual Meeting of the European Society for Computing and Technology in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care (ESCTAIC) in Erlangen/Germany, our CEO and Scientific Head, Professor Klaus-Peter Adlassnig, gave an invited talk on "Arden Syntax: Current State, Experience, and Trends for Executing Medical Knowledge in Intensive Care".

Fully Automated Surveillance of Healthcare-Associated Infections (September 14, 2011)—In the September 2011 issue of the international journal Applied Clinical Informatics, a scientific article on "Fully Automated Surveillance of Healthcare-Associated Infections with Moni-ICU—A Breakthrough in Clinical Infection Surveillance" was published. The article is co-authored by members of Medexter Healthcare, who developed and programmed the respective Moni-ICU software system.

Presentations at the eHealth Conference, Vienna (May 26–27, 2011)—A presentation on Medexter Healthcare's service-oriented Arden-syntax-based clinical decision support software was given by our software and knowledge engineer DI Karsten Fehre at the annual Austrian eHealth conference in Vienna/Austria from 26 to 27 May. A second presentation was made by DI Tamas Engel, affiliated with the Medical University of Vienna and Medexter Healthcare, on "Qualitätsicherung in der Geburtshilfe durch leitlinienbasierte Entscheidungsunterstützung".

Medexter's MLMs Used in SOPs for Chemotherapy Treatments, Vienna General Hospital (May 12, 2011)—As part of the contract with Siemens AG Österreich (Xetra: SIE, NYSE: SI, LSE: SIE, SWX: SIN) to serve as a subcontractor for the AKIM project (Vienna general hospital information management) at the Vienna General Hospital/Medical University of Vienna, Medexter Healthcare delivered Arden Syntax medical logic modules (MLMs) for use in standard operation procedures (SOPs) for chemotherapy treatments in melanoma patients. An Arden Syntax server connected with the hospital information system, hosts these MLMs; they are activated by an application at the Department of Dermatology of the hospital.

Presentation on Clinical Decision Support and Moni-ICU in Izmir, Turkey (May 3, 2011)—At the Sixth International Symposium on Health Informatics and Bioinformatics (HIBIT 2011) in Izmir/Turkey, our CEO and Scientific Head, Professor Klaus-Peter Adlassnig, gave an invited talk on "Clinical Decision Support Systems—From Research to Routine". After an introduction into the elements and characteristics of clinical medicine, the focus in his presentation was laid on the algorithmic and technical methodology behind Moni-ICU and the gained clinical results by applying Moni-ICU at the Vienna General Hospital/Austria.

ConhIT Trade Fair, Berlin (April 5–7, 2011)—For the second time, Medexter Healthcare attended the health IT trade fair conhIT in Berlin/Germany as an exhibitor. From 5-7 April 2011, three days of presentations and intense conversations with potential clinical and academic users and partner companies showed again high interest in our products.

ConhIT Satellite Symposium on "Knowledge-Based Systems in Medicine", Berlin (April 4, 2011)—At the conhIT satellite symposium on "Knowledge-Based Systems in Medicine", organized by GMDS and BVMI, both Germany, our CEO and Scientific Head, Professor Klaus-Peter Adlassnig, gave a well-received presentation on "From Research Results to Clinical Routine: Clinical Decision Support with Moni-ICU". Moni-ICU is a knowledge- and fuzzy-based, fully-automated system for the identification, monitoring, and reporting of healthcare-associated infections in adult intensive care patients, which was developed by Medexter Healthcare and is in operation at the Vienna General Hospital/Austria.

Medexter as HP Subcontractor in a Veterans Health Administration Project, Boston (February 8–9, 2011)—Kick-off meeting in Boston, MA, U.S.A of the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) CHIO Innovation "Project Enhanced Clinical Decision Support for CPRS" (Innovation ID #209). This project, scheduled from 3 February 2011 until 2 February 2012, was submitted by Dr. Clayton Curtis (Boston VAMC and CHIO). The development work was contracted to Hewlett Packard/U.S.A., who subcontract Medexter Healthcare and Medical Objects, Sydney/Australia. The overall objectives of the project are to successfully link a standards-based decision support framework to VHA’s CPRS/VistA, with replication of the current clinical reminder capability and generation of a patient report card as applications demonstrating the technical innovation.  Since the framework will include rules with both logic and action components, it will be possible to demonstrate several forms of integration with CPRS, such as recommending additions to the problem list, chaining screening and evaluation reminders, etc. In addition, it will be possible to demonstrate uses of the framework for non-traditional applications, such as a patient report card. The major technical components of this project are the introduction of the HL7 Arden Syntax standard for encoding clinical logic in Medical Logic Modules (MLMs) and development of an interface to Medical Domain Web Services (MDWS) for data services: using the virtual Medical Record (vMR) interface to be accessed by an HL7 Gello interface.

Medexter Contribution to Arden Syntax Version 2.7 (January 6, 2011)—The Arden Syntax Working Group approved Medexter Healthcare's contribution on non-substantive changes to Arden Syntax version 2.7. These changes included a number of obvious errors in syntax and text, and the removal of several ambiguities in the given syntax.



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