Lecture on Current State and Future of Arden Syntax (July 21, 2015)―CEO and Scientific Head Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Adlassnig held a colloquium lecture at the Department for Medical Informatics, Erlangen University in Erlangen/Germany on "Stand und Zukunft von Arden Syntax – Fortschritte in Intensivmedizin, Krankenhaushygiene und Qualitätsmanagement".

ArdenSuite at the Bern University of Applied Sciences (July 20, 2015)―The Bern University of Applied Sciences bernfh largein Bern/Switzerland purchased the ArdenSuite license for research and teaching purposes. Working with Medexter's ArdenSuite integrated development and test environments (IDEs), ArdenSuite servers, and server connectors will be part of their Medical Informatics bachelor curriculum.


Medexter at eHealth Summit Austria's Industrial Exhibition (June 1819, 2015)―In the beautiful setting of ehealth2015 2 largeSchönbrunn Palace, the health-IT event of the year took place in form of a double conference hosted by HIMMS Europe: eHealth Summit Austria and PDMS Conference D.A.CH. caused professionals in the health IT sector to congregate in Vienna in the end of June. ehealth2015 1 largeAs one of the summit’s industry partners, Medexter Healthcare was part of the trade fair, where members of the Medexter team presented our products and solutions at our booth. A guided tour, the so called "summit walk" gave interested parties a chance to hear short presentations on the companies' products, followed by a Q&A session with the visitors. As always, Medexter greatly benefited from the exchange and conversations with doctors, IT professionals, and fellow providers of health IT solutions.

Scientific Contributions at eHealth Summit Austria (June 1819, 2015)―As part of eHealth Summit Austria's scientific programme, a workshop onehealth2015 discussion large "Klinische Entscheidungs-unterstützung in der Praxis – HL7 Standards, Interoperabilität und ausgewählte Anwendungen" was co-hosted by members of the Medexter team on the first day of the conference. On the second day, CEO and Scientific Head Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Adlassnig gave a presentation on "Herausforderung Infektionsprophylaxe: IT-gestützte Qualitätssicherung" as part of the summit's HIMMS track. A lively discussion between the sessions's lecturers and the audience ensued.

Arden Syntax training course in Vienna (June 17, 2015)―For the second time, Medexter―in cooperation with Health Level Seven (HL7) Austria and the FH Technikum Wien―hosted a free one-day Arden Syntax training course. With the number of attendees more than doubled in comparison to last year's course, CEO Klaus-Peter Adlassnig and Medexter's Arden Syntax project leader Karsten Fehre presented a variety of topics such as clinical decision support, knowledge-based systems, medical logic module (MLM) programming, ArdenML, linguistic and propositional uncertainty, technical integration, clinical applications, barriers and acceptance in clinical routine, and others. The course's morning session was designed for Arden Syntax beginners and laypeople, whereas in the afternoon session, advanced topics were discussed. Attendees were students, doctors, journalists, health-IT personnel, and researchers. Medexter received great feedback, and we will be hosting another training course soon. Please let us know if you are interested in a training course.

ArdenSuite connected to i.s.h.med, Vienna (June 15, 2015)―Five years ago, Austria's largestishmed akh large hospital―the Vienna General Hospital (2100+ beds)―together with the Medical University of Vienna decided to add clinical decision support (CDS) to their hospital information system i.s.h.med. Opting for Medexter's CDS solution ArdenSuite, they acquired an extended site license for both patient care as well as for research and teaching purposes. Present ArdenSuite applications at the Vienna General Hospital are: "Standard operating procedure (SOP) checking for chemotherapy treatment of melanoma patients" (see image), "Prediction of metastases in melanoma patients", and "Dosing of immunosuppressive drugs for kidney transplant patients". The necessary Arden Syntax medical logic modules (MLMs) for these applications were developed either by the Medical University of Vienna's research groups or by Medexter―in either case in close cooperation with the hospital's clinicians. To access the ArdenSuite applications from i.s.h.med's user interface, new interface elements have to be programmed. This can be done by skilled hospital IT staff, by the i.s.h.med vendor, or by Medexter's development team.

Radio Show on the Future of Medicine (May 18, 2015)―Medexter's CEO and Scientific Head Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Adlassnig was invited to a radio talkshow on Ö1. The show "Ö1 Radiodoktor" with the topic "Was die Medizin in den kommenden Jahrzehnten verändern wird"  featured a discussion on possible and probable changes in medicine in the near future. Listen to the show here.

ArdenSuite at the Innovation Center for Computer-Assisted Surgery (ICCAS), Leipzig (April 16, 2015)—The Universität Leipzig'sLeipzig klein medical faculty signed a contract on Medexter's ArdenSuite research and teaching license for their Innovation Center for Computer-Assisted Surgery (ICCAS). The license comprises the ArdenSuite integrated development and test environment (IDE) and the ArdenSuite server with web-service interoperability and SQL database connector.

ArdenSuite connected with Dräger's intensive care system (April 13, 2015)―Over a year ago, the Erlangen University Hospital in Erlangen/Germany purchased Medexter's ArdenSuite campus license, which enables them to use the ArdenSuite software products in patient care as well as for research and teaching purposes. At the hospital, ArdenSuite is currently being used in clinical operation at a large surgical intensive care unit (ICU) with 35 beds. Medical logic modules (MLMs) that support the clinician in over 20 clinical situations have been written and tested by the hospital's clinical and development staff using the ArdenSuite integrated development and test environment (IDE); the development of further MLMs is in progress. Accessable from Dräger's Integrated Care Manager (ICM) system, the application provides clinicians per mouse-click with patient-specific clinical decision support (CDS) from every computer in the ICU, also bed-side. In Erlangen, Medexter's ArdenSuite is used in teaching as well. In the context of medical informatics classes, students at the University Hospital are learning to develop MLMs themselves using the ArdenSuite IDE. Find more details here.

Health Level Seven Austria Annual Meeting in Vienna, Austria (March 18–19, 2015)At the Health Level Seven Austria Annual Meeting in Vienna/Austria, CEO and Scientific Head Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Adlassnig and head of the Arden Syntax project at Medexter Karsten Fehre gave a presentation on "Inside HL7 Clinical Decision Support". Find details and photos on the meeting here.

Presentation at Semmelweis CEE Conference in Vienna, Austria (March 4, 2015)—Professor  Walter Koller, a member of Medexter's clinical expert team, gave a presentation on "Intelligent information and communication technology" at the Semmelweis CEE conference in Vienna, Austria.

Clinical Decision Support in Pharmacogenomics (February 22, 2015)―Members of the Medexter team co-authored a paper on "Pharmacogenomic knowledge representation, reasoning and genome-based clinical decision support based on OWL 2 DL ontologies." in cooperation with the Medical University of Vienna and Medical University of Graz, both in Austria, and the US-based University of Pittsburgh, Mayo Clinic, and Stanford University.

ArdenSuite to enhance Epic's clinical decision support at University of Colorado Health System (January 28, 2015)―Since November 2013―for over a year―the University of Colorado Health (UCHealth) System in Colorado/U.S.A. has been using Medexter's ArdenSuite software for the calculation of heart failure readmission risk scores (HFRRSs). The purpose of the HFRRSs is to inform hospital physicians and heart failure nurse practitioners in case of a patient's increased risk for readmission due to heart failure. The UCHealth System comprises five hospitals and approximately 400 clinics. They all use Epic as electronic medical record system, into which Medexter's ArdenSuite software components have been successfully integrated. For this purpose, UCHealth purchased an enterprise-wide ArdenSuite software license for patient care. With the ArdenSuite integrated development and test environments (IDEs) further medical logic modules (MLMs) are currently being developed, for example to classify catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI) or to measure laboratory-based acute physiology scores (LAPS), comorbidity point scores (COPS), or Charlson comorbidity scores.



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