Reference Installations

Our software solutions are in use for research and teaching purposes in several universities, teaching hospitals, and other educational institutions all over the world. In patient care, the software has been successfully connected with or integrated into hospital information systems like Cerner’s, Dräger’s ICM, and Epic.

ArdenSuite Connected to in Vienna

Austria’s largest hospital―the Vienna General Hospital (2100+ beds)―together with the Medical University of Vienna decided in March 2010 to add clinical decision support (CDS) to their hospital information system (originally delivered by Siemens Health Services, now…

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Innovation Center for Computer‐Assisted Surgery (ICCAS), Leipzig

At Leipzig University’s ICCAS, Medexter’s ArdenSuite is part of a research project developing a “Clinical decision support system for personalized therapy of larynx carcinoma”. The system development is expert‐based, that is, physicians are taking an active part in writing medical logic…

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ArdenSuite Connected with Dräger's Intensive Care System in Erlangen

Medexter’s ArdenSuite is currently being used in a large surgical ICU (35 beds) at the Erlangen University Hospital. Medical logic modules (MLMs) that support the clinician in over 20 clinical situations have been written and tested by the hospital’s clinical and development staff…

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ArdenSuite to Enhance Epic in Colorado, U.S.A

The University of Colorado Health System uses the ArdenSuite for the calculation of heart failure readmission risk scores. UCHealth comprises five hospitals and approx. 400 clinics. They purchased an enterprise-wide license for patient care. The ArdenSuite has been integrated into their EMR Epic.

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ArdenSuite at Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland

At the Bern University of Applied Sciences the Bern University of Applied Sciences, working with Medexter’s ArdenSuite integrated development and test environments (IDEs), ArdenSuite Servers, and DB Connectors is part of their Medical Informatics bachelor curriculum.

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Medical University of Vienna, Austria

Medexter’s ArdenSuite has been and is currently part of several research projects including classification of tumor stages of cutaneous melanomas, immunosuppressive drug dosage in kidney transplant patients, and automatic nutritional triage in cancer outpatients. As for teaching…

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Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences

Here, the ArdenSuite is involved in the “Business Information Management” bachelor’s curriculum as well as in the “Management for Health Services” master's curriculum. Students are given an introduction to Arden Syntax and the opportunity to further explore the topic in…

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FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences

In Graz, the ArdenSuite departmental license includes Server, IDE, DB Connector, FHIR Connector, and Activiti Extension. Students are currently using the ArdenSuite in a lecture on “Decision Support Systems” in order to develop their own decision support modules and…

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