ArdenSuite Connected with Dräger’s Intensive Care System

Medexter’s ArdenSuite software products―the ArdenSuite server, ArdenSuite integrated development and test environment (IDE), and database connector―have been successfully brought into clinical routine at the Erlangen University Hospital in Erlangen/Germany in December 2013. The Erlangen University Hospital purchased Medexter’s ArdenSuite campus license, which enables them to use the ArdenSuite software products in patient care as well as for research and teaching purposes

Clinical MLM Development in Erlangen

The ArdenSuite software is currently being used in clinical operation at a large surgical intensive care unit (ICU) with 35 beds. Medical logic modules (MLMs) that support the clinician in over 20 clinical situations have been written and tested by the hospital’s clinical and development staff using the ArdenSuite IDE; the development of further MLMs is in progress.

Bed-Side Clinical Decision Support

Accessable from Dräger’s Integrated Care Manager (ICM)) system, an MLM viewer gives an overview and serves as a tool for calling the MLMs from every computer in the ICU, also bed-side. Thus, the application provides clinicians per mouse-click with patient-specific clinical decision support on issues such as procalcitonin (PCT) value measurement, detection of hyper- and hypocalciaemia, Murray score calculation, MELD score calculation, patient-oriented microbiological survey, and more.

ArdenSuite IDEs in Teaching

In Erlangen, Medexter’s ArdenSuite is used in teaching as well. In the context of medical informatics classes, students at the University Hospital are learning to develop MLMs themselves using the ArdenSuite integrated development and test environment, one IDE each or as a classroom project.

Its highly flexible and versatile structure allows the ArdenSuite to be applied to a vast amount of medical tasks and to solve clinical problems in every medical discipline. It can be integrated into Epic,, and others, connected to intensive care, laboratory, and telemedical systems as well as used with mobile apps.

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