Interpretive texts for hepatitis A, B, and C serology test results

Hepaxpert is available as mobile app for all smartphones and tablets using Android, Apple iOS, or Windows Mobile. Additionally, it can be used as web version from any browser. Hepaxpert can also be integrated into various electronic medical record systems (EMRs), laboratory information systems (LISs), or medical practice software systems.

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Key Features

The Hepaxpert app provides reliable interpretations of hepatitis serology test results. It is a useful tool for medical professionals dealing with hepatitis test results and a helpful app for patients as well. Just enter the findings for hepatitis A, B, and C serology and get a comprehensible interpretive text that gives a better understanding of these values for each patient’s test results.

Hepaxpert’s interpretation is able to accommodate all possible—even extremely rare and complex—combinations of hepatitis serology test results, without the need of any additional patient history, biochemical, or clinical data. As a result, Hepaxpert’s interpretive texts can help physicians understand the often complex serologic findings and save valuable time, thus promoting patient safety and quality assurance through clinical decision support.


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The Hepaxpert knowledge base was developed at the Vienna Medical University by clinical hepatologists and health-IT technicians. Medexter adapted this knowledge base and designed the HEPAXPERT app in a collaboration between experienced clinicians, globally renowned health-IT experts, and software specialists using state-of-the-art technology. Decades of clinical and health-IT experience influenced the development process, producing an app with a clear and easy user interface backed by a body of reliable medical knowledge.


As input, Hepaxpert uses the qualitative test results for hepatitis A serology (anti-HAV, IgM anti-HAV, and HAV-RNA); the qualitative test results for hepatitis B serology (HBsAg, anti-HBs, anti-HBc, IgM anti-HBc, HBeAg, anti-HBe) as well as the quantitative test result for anti-HBs titer; and the qualitative test results for hepatitis C serology (anti-HCV and HCV-RNA). For each of these parameters, input possibilities include “tested positive”, “tested negative”, as well as “borderline”. Entering “not tested” for some parameters is another input possibility and may result in a recommendation for further testing in Hepaxpert’s textual output. The anti-HBs titer value can be entered for vaccination recommendations.

The given input is then processed by Hepaxperts extensive knowledge base, which contains rule packages (written in the Health Level Seven (HL7) International standard Arden Syntax) that can interpret all possible combinations of hepatitis serology test results. In case of hepatitis B, a total of 61 440 test result combinations are possible and Hepaxpert will deliver interpretations for all of these constellations. It has been carefully built and reviewed by laboratory and clinical specialists; its clinical value was confirmed by external experts, e.g. from Stanford University, amongst others.

Hepaxperts automatically generated interpretive reports include a detailed analysis with regard to virus exposure, immunity, stage of illness, prognosis, and infectiousness. A quantitative anti-HBs titer test result may add recommendations on hepatitis vaccination.


Our Hepaxpert mobile app is available for all smartphones and tablets using Android, Apple iOS, or Windows Mobile. Buy the Hepaxpert mobile app and get additional access to the Hepaxpert web version for free. Furthermore, Hepaxpert can be integrated into various electronic medical record systems (EMRs), laboratory information systems (LISs), or medical practice software systems. With our Software as a Service (SaaS) option, get your Hepaxpert interpretations on demand from our server. Interfacing is provided via RESTful web services. Pay per use, bulk purchase, and flat rate options available.

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