Analyzing, Monitoring, and Reporting Pathogens and Antimicrobial Resistances


Momo (Monitoring of Microorganisms) is a comprehensive analytics tool intended to address the issues of modern microbiology and epidemiology. It provides clear, reliable information on the occurrence of pathogens in all areas of your hospital. Since modern medicine relies on the availability of effective antimicrobial agents while there is a worldwide increase in antimicrobial resistance and even multidrug resistant bacteria (e.g., MRSA, VRE, 2,3,4 MRGN, MDR-TB), having a clear picture of the microorganisms present in your hospital as well as an overview on their distribution and AMR situation has become crucial.

Momo provides all the information on pathogen occurrence, frequency distribution, and resistance situation in one place. MOMO conveniently imports the relevant information from the connected laboratory information system and makes it immediately available for use in multiple ways.


Define routine and individual queries on bacteria and fungi using FlexScan. These queries are highly customizable. Search for specific pathogens, departments, sample types, or request data on user-defined groups—the results will answer all the questions you have in mind.

Choose which parameters you want to see in your report and put them in an order you find useful (optional). Momo uses all the necessary procedures to remove copy strains. Adjust these methods as you wish (optional).


Spectrum analyzes the microbiological data statistically and provides frequency distributions based on your selected criteria; for example: How often was this pathogen present in my ward last month? Choose between two configuration options: Use and adjust an existing FlexScan or define a new query. Additionally, there is a shortcut button for a quick Spectrum available with every FlexScan result.


With just one click, Momo displays the relevant resistance graph for every found pathogen. The antimicrobial resistance information is based on the S-I-R model and coded in three colors. Differences in the number of tests for individual antimicrobial agents are explicitly indicated.

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