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Enrich your products or research projects by integrating an original CDS component. Our cooperation possibilities include Horizon 2020, CDS for Meaningful Use, research projects, and B2B cooperations.

Medexter Healthcare has—as small and medium-sized enterprise (SME)—repeatedly contributed to the success of various research projects on national and international levels with its expertise in clinical decision support (CDS).

Several universities and university hospitals have already taken advantage of the benefits the Arden Syntax offers for educational and research contexts and purchased Medexter’s ArdenSuite research and teaching license including the ArdenSuite Integrated Development and Test Environment (IDE), the ArdenSuite Server, Database Connector, FHIR Connector, and Activiti Extension.

There are a number of research funding opportunities—such as Horizon 2020—that specifically call for clinical decision support. Integrate one of our solutions in your grant proposal and enhance your chances by offering an original CDS component as part of your research project. Especially the ArdenSuite provides the possibility to create your own CDS modules that answer the specific questions you ask in your project. Integrating our ArdenSuite Software can also help you meet the US’s Meaningful Use critera, which call for the implementation of CDS.

Finally, EMR vendors or other Health-IT software providers benefit from integrating a CDS component into their products. Use our CDS expertise to broaden your software’s feature palette.

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