HEPAXPERT app sold worldwide

A recent overview shows sales of Medexter’s HEPAXPERT app around the globe: from the European Union, Switzerland, USA, Canada, and South America to China. HEPAXPERT covers a small but interesting field of laboratory medicine—the automated interpretation of serological test results…

Momo celebrates 12 years at University Hospital Vienna

For 12 years now, Momo—a microbiological analytics and clinical tool for reporting pathogens and microbiological resistances—is in constant use at one of the largest hospitals in Europe, the University Hospital Vienna, Austria. Momo receives structured data from the hospital’s microbiology…

Medexter’s DIN EN ISO 13485 certificate has been renewed!

The annual surveillance audit by mdc medical device certification GmbH for the renewal of the DIN EN ISO 13485 certification has been successful. Medexter has thereby confirmed that its quality management system still meets all necessary regulatory requirements to design…

Momo is declared a medical device in accordance with the EU IVD Directive 98/79/EC!

Momo received a declaration of conformity for the EU IVD Directive 98/79/EC. It is now a declared medical device and CE (Conformité Européenne) marked, indicating that it complies with all EU standards for health and safety.

Momo OneClick accessed from Oracle Cerner’s i.s.h.med

Medexter launched a new feature for Momo, a microbiological analytics and reporting tool. At the University Hospital of Vienna, Austria, clinical users can use Momo OneClick to access Momo’s QuickScan report on all microbiological findings of a patient in a…

Starter Package “Clinical Building Blocks”—Fuzzy Version

With the fuzzy version of our medical content Starter Package “Clinical Building Blocks”, we provide six fuzzy medical logic modules (fMLMs) which cover basic clinical concepts. The implementation of fuzzy logic allows for a gradual, refined evaluation of clinical criteria…

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