Product Presentation: Infection Management with Momo

Medexter Healthcare organized a very successful product presentation on “Infection management with Momo” in the prestigious Van-Swieten-Saal of the Medical University of Vienna, Austria. Momo is a microbiology analytics and clinical tool for reporting pathogens and antimicrobial resistances; it has…

Hepaxpert Subject of Master Thesis at the Medical University of Vienna, Austria

The Master Thesis “Interpretation of hepatitis B serologic test results by the means of the expert system Hepaxpert” by Teresa Angerer aimed to compare advantages and disadvantages of using the medical expert system Hepaxpert (version 2016) versus using AKIM, the…

Rheumexpert subject of Master Thesis at the Medical University of Vienna, Austria

The Master Thesis “Rheumexpert—Webbasiertes Konsultationssystem zur differentialdiagnostischen Entscheidungsunterstützung und Verlaufsdokumentation für die Rheumatologie im extramuralen Bereich“ by Georg Preishuber reports on the development of Rheumexpert, a web-based consultation system for decision support and follow-up documentation of rheumatic diseases for general…

Lecture on "Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Medicine"

By invitation from the Clinic for Anesthesiology, General Intensive Care, and Pain Therapy at the University Hospital Vienna / Medical University of Vienna, Medexter’s CEO and Scientific Director Klaus-Peter Adlassnig gave a morning lecture on “Artificial intelligence in clinical medicine”.…

HL7 Arden Syntax: Implementation Guide, Release 2

An Implementation Guide for Arden Syntax, Release 2 was written by HL7 International’s Arden Syntax Work Group and approved for publication by HL7 International. The guide’s objective is to help knowledge engineers, clinicians, administrators, computer programmers and others to use the Arden…

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