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Moni for ICU and NICU: Identification, Monitoring, and Reporting of Healthcare-Associated Infections

Moni (Monitoring of Nosocomial Infections) is an intelligent tool for detection and surveillance of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in intensive care medicine. It is linked with the medical documentation systems of a healthcare institution and automatically imports electronic clinical and laboratory raw data to process it into surveillance information. Moni thereby allows to identify and monitor healthcare-associated infections without the need for extra data entry by medical or surveillance staff.

Due to the integration of fuzzy concepts, Moni also captures those incipient or boderline cases that are often at a risk of not being recognized. View Moni‘s output either in the surveillance cockpit or export it as user-defined reports in different formats. The content of these reports is adjustable to fit various objectives. Automated sending of mandatory HAI reports to requesting institutions is also possible.

As a result, Moni truly brings added value to those who work in ICUs, hospital hygiene departments, for all internal and external benchmarking and quality management purposes, and for legal, mandatory, or voluntary reporting.