Scientific Contribution at AICI 2021, Hanoi Vietnam

The invited keynote lecture on “Decision Support in Clinical Laboratory Medicine” presented by Medexter’s CEO and Scientific Director was one of two presentations at the Second International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Computational Intelligence (AICI 2021) authored or co-authored by Medexter. This talk gave insight into decision support applications in laboratory medicine, especially into methods for the automated interpretation of laboratory test results. The second talk on “Bilattice CADIAG-II: Theory and Experimental Results” reports on new formal methods to represent uncertainty between entities in medical consultation systems. Patient symptoms, signs, laboratory test results, and results from clinical investigations guide a logical inference process through differential diagnostic knowledge. Uncertainty is a genuine part of medical knowledge between symptoms and diseases and thus needs to be represented accordingly. The content of this talk was subsequently published in Studies in Computational Intelligence 981, Springer, 2021, edited by Nguyen Hoang Phuong and Vladik Kreinovich. It is always nice to see one’s own research work becoming part of the scientific body of knowledge.

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