Scientific Contribution at AICI 2023, Hanoi, Vietnam

The invited plenary talk on “Analytics and decision support of germs and viruses in a large hospital” presented by Medexter’s CEO and Scientific Director Klaus-Peter Adlassnig was one of two talks at the Fourth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Computational Intelligence (AICI 2023) authored or co-authored by Medexter. The first talk gave insight into the application of Medexter’s Momo system and its extension to clinically oriented immediate alert service at the University Hospital Vienna. The second talk “Type-2 fuzzy relations: An approach towards representing uncertainty in associative medical relationships” presented by Bassam Haddad from the University of Petra, Amman, Jordan, and co-authored by Klaus-Peter Adlassnig discusses type-2 fuzzy relations and their application to represent uncertainty in causal and associative relationships between medical entities such as symptoms and diseases. This extended mathematical concept can also be applied for consistency checking of formalized medical knowledge bases.

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