Presentations at ICIMTH 2020 by Partners of Medexter

Two presentations by associates and partners of Medexter were given at the virtual International Conference on Informatics, Management and Technology in Healthcare (ICIMTH 2020). One was on “A comparative study of the Arden Syntax and GDL clinical knowledge representation languages” and the other on “A digital clinical guideline based on HL7 Arden Syntax for the treatment of children with traumatic brain injury”. The first presentation compares the clinical knowledge representation language Arden Syntax with the guideline definition language (GDL); the second one describes the application of Arden Syntax to formalize clinical guidelines for the treatment of children with traumatic brain injury. The latter was probed at the Clinical and Research Institute for Emergency Pediatric Surgery and Trauma, Moscow, Russia. Both papers were published in the conference proceedings book “The Importance of Health Informatics in Public Health during a Pandemic”, Studies in Health Technology and Informatics 272, edited by John Mantas, Arie Hasman, Mowafa S. Househ, Parisis Gallos and  Emmanouil Zoulias.

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