Scientific Contributions at AICI 2020

On the first day of the First International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Computational Intelligence (AICI 2020) in Hanoi, Vietnam, Medexter’s CEO and Scientific Director Klaus-Peter Adlassnig was invited to give a keynote lecture on “Fuzzy methods in medical research and patient care—In memoriam Lotfi A. Zadeh”. At the same day, a further conference contribution was presented by Medexter together with co-authors from Vienna and Moscow. The presentation titled “From machine learning to knowledge-based decision support—A predictive-model-markup-language-to-Arden-Syntax Transformer for decision trees“. The second day of the conference saw a further invited keynote given by Klaus-Peter Adlassnig dedicated to “Artificial intelligence and clinical decision support”. Walter Koller, a long-term co-worker with Klaus-Peter Adlassnig and specialist in hospital hygiene, followed with a third invited lecture on “Artificial intelligence in infection control”. On the third day, a round table discussion including a contribution by Klaus-Peter Adlassnig on “Research on AI, AI in medicine, fuzzy sets, and deep learning at the universities and for industry” brought the conference to its final close.

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