Two Studies in Computational Intelligence, Published by Springer

The book “Soft Computing for Biomedical Applications and Related Topics”, Studies in Computational Intelligence 899, Springer 2021, edited by Vladik Kreinovich and Nguyen Huong Phuong, publishes two recent study results that came out of Medexter’s research work. The first study titled “From Machine Learning to Knowledge-Based Decision Support—A Predictive-Model-Markup-Language-to-Arden-Syntax Transformer for Decision Trees” describes a PMML-to-Arden-Syntax transformer to automatically adopt machine learning results by Medexter’s clinical decision support software. The second one “Artificial Intelligence in Infection Control—Healthcare Institutions Need Intelligent Information and Communication Technologies for Surveillance and Benchmarking” strongly argues for extended information and communication technology support in all areas of infection control in hospitals and medical clinics. Both studies contribute to improve patient care by extended clinical decision support.

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