Moni IV in Routine Use at the Vienna General Hospital

After an extended development and test phase, the Moni-IV system (knowledge-based identification and automated monitoring of hospital-acquired infections in adult intensive care unit (ICU) patients) could be transferred into routine use at the infection control department of the Vienna General Hospital. To apply it, data from the microbiology department and twelve ICUs that run CareVue patient data management systems by Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA) had to be accessed. The infection control unit receives infection notifications, evaluates them, and contacts the clinicians of the concerned wards. The Moni-IV system is the outcome of extended collaboration between the Medical University of Vienna, the Vienna General Hospital, the Philips Company, Software Unlimited, and Medexter Healthcare. In addition to using Moni-IV for avoiding hospital-acquired infections, it is also applied for research and reporting.

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