Tele-Interpretation of Hepatitis Serology Test Results Integrated Into Soarian

Tele-interpretation by Hepaxpert was successfully established and integrated into Soarian, one of the hospital information systems designed by Siemens Company (Xetra: SIE, NYSE: SI, LSE: SIE, SWX: SIN). Hepaxpert, a clinical decision support system for automated interpretation of hepatitis A, B, and C serology test results resides on Teleiatros, Medexter’s remote medical decision support server. When unknown or complex combinations of hepatitis serology test results arrive in Soarian or are encountered during the attending physician’s work flow, Hepaxpert is accessed remotely. A clinically-oriented, extended interpretation of these test results is automatically generated, sent back to Soarian, and displayed for the benefit of the attending physician. More than 60,000 different combinations can be interpreted. Personal data are not needed. The access time is negligible.

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