Arden Syntax Software Version 2.0 Completed

Medexter Healthcare announces the completion of version 2.0 of the Java-based, medical knowledge representation and inference Arden Syntax software. In addition to the previous components of Arden Syntax software (Arden Syntax IDE, Arden Syntax compiler, Arden Syntax engine, Arden Syntax-to-host-interface, and Arden Syntax server), which were extensively improved, a new Arden Syntax data center is included. It is used for storing (a) problem-specific harmonized input data, (b) intermediate and final reasoning data, and (c) selected analysis data. At present, database software such as Oracle, MSSQL, and MySQL run behind the Arden Syntax data center. Input data and output results are communicated via XML and/or HL7 protocol records. Application-specific web access to the Arden Syntax data center is also provided.

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