Siemens with Fuzzy Arden Syntax, Vienna General Hospital

In a further step to introduce clinical decision support software into patient care at the Vienna General Hospital, Medexter's Fuzzy Arden Syntax software was interconnected with the new hospital information system by Siemens AG (Xtra: SIE, NYSE: SIE, LSE: SIE, SWX: SIN), installed on several servers, and a first application for predicting metastases in melanoma patients was developed by the Department of Dermatology of the Medical University of Vienna. This step is part of the AKIM project (Vienna General Hospital information management) and comprises also the application of the Fuzzy Arden Syntax software for research and teaching at the Medical University of Vienna. With this software, several authoring tools for writing medical logic modules (MLMs), the core elements of Arden Syntax clinical decision support systems, have already been delivered.

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