Medexter as HP Subcontractor in a Veterans Health Administration Project, Boston

Kick-off meeting in Boston, MA, U.S.A of the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) CHIO Innovation “Project Enhanced Clinical Decision Support for CPRS” (Innovation ID #209) (February 8–9, 2011). This project, scheduled from 3 February 2011 until 2 February 2012, was submitted by Dr. Clayton Curtis (Boston VAMC and CHIO). The development work was contracted to Hewlett Packard/U.S.A., who subcontract Medexter Healthcare and Medical Objects, Sydney/Australia. The overall objectives of the project are to successfully link a standards-based decision support framework to VHA’s CPRS/VistA, with replication of the current clinical reminder capability and generation of a patient report card as applications demonstrating the technical innovation. Since the framework will include rules with both logic and action components, it will be possible to demonstrate several forms of integration with CPRS, such as recommending additions to the problem list, chaining screening and evaluation reminders, etc. In addition, it will be possible to demonstrate uses of the framework for non-traditional applications, such as a patient report card. The major technical components of this project are the introduction of the HL7 Arden Syntax standard for encoding clinical logic in Medical Logic Modules (MLMs) and development of an interface to Medical Domain Web Services (MDWS) for data services: using the virtual Medical Record (vMR) interface to be accessed by an HL7 Gello interface.

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