Arden Syntax: Technical Integration II

The second form of interconnecting Medexter’s suite of Arden Syntax software with host systems and external patient data sources is to call MLMs and events through SOAP or RESTful web services, but to access patient data directly from data sources through a so-called server connector (being an add-on to the Arden Syntax server). This server connector can be used to query patient data through SOAP or RESTful web services that are offered by the host system to access its data, or it comes as a database connector that connects directly to a database to access data (e.g., SQL database). In addition, the server connector can also be developed in such a way as to access data in arbitrary formats (e.g., XML). Technically, the server connector is a template for realizing various operable connectors. Examples are (a) the connection of Medexter’s Arden Syntax server with the EPIC hospital information system (via web services provided by EPIC), (b) with the VistA system by the Department of Veterans Affairs (again through web services, here provided by VistA), and (c) accessing SQL databases through Medexter’s database connector to obtain patient data from routine patient databases or from databases for research (and teaching).

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