CDS Technology Platform ArdenSuite with Enhanced Interoperability

A new range of connectors and extensions significantly increases the ArdenSuite’s interoperability with different external systems and data sources. E-Health software providers can easily connect or integrate the ArdenSuite into their products and thus meet the increasing customer demand for CDS functionalities.

Over the last year, we have taken several steps forward in our efforts to introduce comprehensive clinical decision support (CDS) into clinical practice. Our ArdenSuite CDS technology platform makes it possible for healthcare institutions as well as research and teaching organizations—even in the context of funded research projects—to create their own customized CDS modules in order to answer specific clinical problems or research questions. Knowledge packages can also be custom-ordered.

The ArdenSuite is based on Arden Syntax, an established medical knowledge representation and processing language that is an up-to-date HL7 International industry standard. The software is applicable in every medical discipline. Initially without specific clinical content, it represents a highly flexible and versatile platform, waiting to be applied to medical tasks or to solve specific clinical problems, when endowed with proper clinical knowledge. Administrative tasks can be managed as well by the ArdenSuite.

To ensure far-reaching interoperability, we created several new connectors and extension that link the ArdenSuite with different external systems and data sources. Our range of ArdenSuite connectors and extensions now includes connecting to SQL databases, via RESTful and SOAP web services, to FHIR resources, with BPMN workflow software, with openEHR data warehouses, as well as—currently still in the beginning stage—via CDS Hooks API.

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