TSH Monitoring and Alerts

Another Arden-Syntax-based medical content package has been finished and is ready to be used with our ArdenSuite software. The package checks and closely monitors a patient’s TSH levels during the hospital stay. It has already been shipped to our customers.

We offer several application-ready medical content packages that can be used with the ArdenSuite. They target different issues in clinical routine and can be—for example—connected to the hospital’s EMR system. Results can be displayed in an area of the EMR’s user interface.

The TSH Monitoring & Alerts package is part of our Clinical Alerts and checks and monitors a patient’s TSH levels during the hospital stay and issues a notification if a patient whose TSH levels need further attention is about to be discharged from the hospital. In case of moderately increased TSH levels, there is no immediate alert but the system constantly checks if new TSH levels have come in. After 4 weeks without new TSH levels, an alert is generated to request another test. Significantly increased or decreased TSH levels produce an immediate alert (especially useful in respect to contrast agents). Additionally, an alert requesting new TSH testing is generated after 2 weeks without new TSH values. If a patient is about to be discharged, the alert package checks for any outstanding future alerts. In this case, the alert is generated before the patient’s discharge. The physician can then request new TSH test results; automatically including a recommendation for TSH level testing in the discharge letter is also a possibility.

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