Medical Content Starter Package "Clinical Building Blocks"

With our medical content Starter Package “Clinical Building Blocks“, we provide six medical logic modules (MLMs) which cover basic clinical concepts. These MLMs check a patient's measured test results and send a notification if they indicate fever, leukopenia, leukocytosis, increased CRP, shock, or drop in blood pressure. These basic concepts are usually part of any alert or monitoring system in infection management and control and can be used as building blocks to create basic or increasingly sophisticated CDS systems. They serve as excellent examples for simple and more complex Arden-Syntax-based clinical knowledge representation and processing and will help you start off your own medical content development with the ArdenSuite. Pathological value limits and notification texts can be easily adjusted inside each MLM. Use the Starter Package as a starting point for creating your own selection of MLM building blocks, or ask us for more.

We offer several application-ready medical content packages that can be used with the ArdenSuite. They target different issues in clinical routine and can be—for example—connected to the hospital’s EMR system. Results can be displayed in an area of the EMR’s user interface.

If you are interested in our medical content packages, contact us today. See also our application-ready Clinical Alerts medical content packages.

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