The Medical University of Vienna and Medexter Celebrate 15 Years of Successful Cooperation

Today, the Medical University of Vienna and Medexter Healthcare look back on 15 years of successful cooperation in clinical decision support (CDS) with Medexter's software ArdenSuite, our Arden-Syntax-based CDS technology platform. The journey started in 2008. Since then, this software has been applied to a number of research and clinical projects at the Medical University of Vienna and its associated University Hospital Vienna. The Arden Syntax is an internationally established Health Level 7 (HL7) standard for providing computerized clinical knowledge. The ArdenSuite is based on Arden Syntax and can access various data sources such as databases, FHIR resources, and electronic medical record systems, use apply this data to clinical rules, and thus help support patient care with the results. 

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