Arden Syntax on FHIR

The long awaited Arden Syntax for Medical Logic Systems, version 3.0, was published by Health Level Seven International (HL7). This version contains the newly established FHIR standard as a data model of Arden Syntax. HL7's FHIR is an interoperability standard intended to facilitate the exchange of healthcare information between healthcare providers, patients, caregivers, payers, researchers, and anyone else involved in the healthcare ecosystem. With Edition 3 of the Arden Syntax, direct access to patient data out of Arden Syntax's medical logic modules is provided. The new standard was discussed in the Arden Syntax Working Group; it was written by Peter Haug, Intermountain Healthcare & University of Utah, Robert Jenders, Charles Drew University & University of California, Los Angeles, Andreas Csarmann, Medexter Healthcare, and Klaus-Peter Adlassnig, Medexter Healthcare & Medical University of Vienna, and finally published as standard for trial use by HL7.

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